Konsert Triple Quartet Project, 16 sep 19.00

Konsert med Triple Quartet Project med Lene Grenager och ensemblerna Krock, Parkour och RANK.

Tre ensembler med olika besättningar, från två olika länder (Sverige och Finland) utforskar tillsammans med curator Lene Grenager, norsk cellist och kompositör, ensemblens roll som interpret samt skapar ett gemensamt verk för medverkande ensembler. Triple Quartet Project undersöker de olika ensemblernas kulturella och språkliga påverkan vid uppförandet av noterad musik, bland annat genom byte av repertoar sinsemellan.

Ensemblerna KROCK, Parkour och Rank Ensemble hade sitt första konstnärliga möte 28-29 november 2015 i Stockholm. I samband med en konsert på Fylkingen där alla tre ensembler uppträdde, initierades “Nordic Triple Quartet Project” som ett samarbets- och nätverksutvecklingsprojekt som kommer att genomföras under säsongen 2016-2017. Under september 2017 spenderar ensemblerna ett par dagar för repetitioner och konsert på Gerlesborgsskolan.

Ett nordiskt samarbete med stöd av

Kulturrådet, Svenska Kulturfonden,

Kulturkontakt Nord och Nordiska Kulturfonden.

Lördag 16 september 19.00, biljetter 200 kr säljs i restaurangen

About the ensembles and Lene Grenager

Rank Ensemble is one of Helsinki’s primary new music ensembles, with equal focus on free improvisation and contemporary works, many of which have been written specifically for the Ensemble. Since the group’s inception in 2009, Rank has performed at venues and festivals including Là-bas biennale, Äänen Lumo, Aikamme Kamarimusiikkia, Ptarmigan, Helsinki Meeting Point, ForumBox and Vaihtolava; performances have included works written for Rank Ensemble by Gabriel Paiuk, Shinji Kanki, and Andrew Bentley, as well as Finnish premieres of works by Simon Steen-Andersen, Stefan Prins, and David Toop.

Rank Ensemble:
Saara Olarte: harp
Solmund Nystabakk: guitar
Elena Kakaliagou: french horn
James Andean: piano, electronics, objects

KROCK (electric guitar ensemble) is a swedish collective of musicians and composers, formed in 2005, which is focusing on new, contemporary, art music for electric guitars, but also older (classical) and forgotten works in new arrangements. Our goal is to collaborate frequently and close with national and international composers and musicians, experimenting and finding new ways to play the instrument, and make the electric guitar a more obvious and natural part of the contemporary scene.

Ensemble Parkour is aiming for alternative ways through music: venturesome, but without loosing the balance and with the pace steadily forward. The ensemble consists of three wind instruments and voice and was formed during the work with Sten Sandell’s piece ”Det soniska ansvaret”. The ensemble has among other things played on Fylkingens 80 years jubilee and been invited for concert by the Swedish SOCIETY OF COMPOSERS.  The composer Fredrik Gran has also written the piece “Music beyond the surface” for the ensemble and the ensemble has got financial support from e.g. Musikverket for their work.        Ensemble photo: Johan Westin

Ensemble Parkour:
Jörgen Pettersson: Saxophone
Anna Svensdotter: Flute
Sten Sandell: Voice, piano and electronics.
My Eklund: Recorder

Lene Grenager works both as composer and musician. She has been working professionally since 1995 with commissions from a.o. Cikada, Ensemble Ernst, Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, Bodø Sinfonietta, Nordic Music Days, Fylkingen and Affinis ensemble. She has had portrait concerts at the festivals Ultima, Borealis and Ilios and her works has been performed at festivals and concerts all over Europe. She finds it important that the musicians own voices and choices are reflected in the performances of her works but simultaneously that the core of the work is clearly defined from her hand. This has resulted in a great variety of notational techniques and richness in detail in the different scores. Grenagers work as performing improvisational musician has also influenced her compositions. She tours extensively all over the world with the improvisation bands SPUNK, Lemur and with Sofia Jernberg. She has also cooperated closely with dancers, visual artists and actors.