VÄGGEN: Lukasz Stanek

It’s just a scratch
Väggen / Gerlesborgsskolan exhibition 15/10-1/11 2020
Lukasz Stanek

There is popular TV show, „Air Crash Investigation”. Many situations it presents apply to any type of disaster. Various small things happen. More and more of them occur. The situation gets more complicated. At some point pilots lose control of the aircraft. Then, there is no way to avoid the catastrophe. The moment when the disaster can be averted occurs a bit earlier.

Many of us don’t realize the climate catatrophe is coming,
and this is this very last moment when we can do somenthing about it.  I can’t stop thinking about it and I try to tell everyone, because we must wake up. If we don’t, and I know for a fact, then we won’t survive the next few decades

[Szymon Malinowski, Professor of Atmospheric Physics, Facualty of Physics, University of Warsaw, from movie: „It’s okay to panic” – www.itsoktopanic.org